Step 3: Using Coinbase Wallet to Join the Pool

Now that you you've purchased Dai and Ethereum and transferred that into your Coinbase Wallet app you're ready for the final and most enjoyable step -- diving into the pool! 

1. Open the Coinbase Wallet app and hit the middle button at the bottom to navigate to the web browser

2. Now that you're on the web browser edit the address bar at the top and type in this will load the PoolTogether homepage. 

3. Hit "Join The Pool" on the PoolTogether homepage

4. You're now on the PoolTogether app page! Take minute to tap the three dots at the top right hand corner of your screen and hit the "add bookmark" button. That will make sure that next time PoolTogether will show up as a bookmark and make it faster to get to. 

4. Now that you've added the bookmark, hit the "Join The Pool" button on the PoolTogether app page. 

6. You will now be prompted to "Connect Wallet", hit that button and on the popup screen choice the "Mobile Wallet". Taking this action now links your Coinbase Wallet to the PoolTogether app. 

7. Now decide how many tickets you want! Each ticket costs 1 Dai (equal to $1) and represents a chance to win. At the top of this screen you will see how your chances of winning change based on how many tickets have been purchased. You can also simply hit the "max" button to buy the most tickets possible with the Dai you have in your wallet.

Once you've decided the right number of tickets, hit the blue "Buy Tickets" button underneath the amount. 

8. There are now two transactions needed to confirm your purchase of tickets. "Step 1" is the authorization step, this step allows our app to interact with your wallet. "Step 2" is the actual purchase step and is when the Dai will be transferred from your wallet to our app. Note that both steps are required! Depending on how busy the Ethereum network is -- it's possible each step could take several minutes to confirm. Please be patient! Once you start the transaction you can close the wallet and come back later when it is confirmed. The image below shows what you will see AFTER the first step has already been confirmed but before the second step has.  

9. Note that when you begin each step you will see a screen from the Coinbase Wallet prompting you to confirm the transaction. The fee you see on this screen is the Ethereum transaction cost and does not go to PoolTogether.

9. Once the second step confirms you'll see a confirmation screen with a field to optionally enter your email. If you enter your email, we'll send you a note each time a prize is awarded!  

10. You're now in the pool! You can go to the "account" tab at anytime to see how many tickets you have, what your chances of winning are and withdraw your money any time you want! A prize is awarded each Friday so check back to see when you win! 

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