What You Need to Join PoolTogether

You want to join on “Pool” on PoolTogether but you have no idea how? This is the guide for you!

Using PoolTogether requires you to have three things. 
1. Dai -- Dai is the cryptocurrency that you will deposit into the pool. Dai is a stablecoin that is pegged to the US Dollar so 1 Dai = 1 US Dollar.
2. Ethereum - In addition to Dai you'll also need a little bit of ETH (short for Ethereum). ETH is required in order to pay the transaction fees of using the Ethereum network (which is what PoolTogether is built on top of). These fees do not go to PoolTogether and are simply a cost to using the network (the transaction fee is sometimes referred to as the "gas fee") 
3. A cryptocurrency wallet that holds your Ethereum and Dai and enables you to to interact with the PoolTogether app. 
This tutorial set is made for absolute beginners so let's start with how to buy Ethereum and Dai! After that we'll cover getting your Ethereum and Dai into your Coinbase Wallet app and then joining the pool using the Coinbase Wallet app!
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