Step 2: Getting Dai and Ethereum into Your Wallet

In order to join PoolTogether you'll need to get your Ethereum and Dai in a cryptocurrency wallet that has a "web 3" browser.

The first thing to know about cryptocurrency wallets is there are many! Some of them are apps you can download to your phone, some of them are plugins you can install on your web browser, and there are other types as well! 

For simplicity, we will show how to use PoolTogether using the Coinbase Wallet app. However, you can use PoolTogether with many other wallets and if you already have one of those the same general instructions apply! 

Step 1: Download the Coinbase Wallet App on iOS or Android 

It's first important to note that the Coinbase Wallet app is different from the Coinbase app! Make sure you are using the Coinbase Wallet app. Here are the links to download it

Step 2: Setup the Coinbase Wallet App and store your key phrase securely! 

This is extremely important! Your key phrase is like a master recovery password for your wallet. If you don't securely store your key phrase and you lose your phone or accidentally delete the app or lose access to the app you will never be able to recover the cryptocurrency you have stored! Additionally if you share your key phrase with someone they will be able to steal your funds so do not share the key phrase but store it securely!

Step 3: Transfer your Dai and Ethereum from the cryptocurrency exchange to your Coinbase Wallet App

Start by opening the Coinbase Wallet app, once you open it, hit the "receive" button and then hit "Ethereum". You'll see a string of numbers and letters on the screen hit the "copy" button to copy that. The numbers and letters are your Ethereum address, think of this like your email address for Ethereum. Anyone can send Ethereum to this address and you'll receive it in your wallet. In addition to Ethereum, you can also receive any other token (such as Dai) that is built on Ethereum using this address. 

Once you've copied this address you'll want to now go back to Coinbase (or whatever cryptocurrency exchange you bought Ethereum and Dai on) and send all of your Ethereum and all of your Dai to this address you copied! It will take a couple minutes for those transactions to be confirmed and then they will show up in your Coinbase Wallet. 

Now that you've have Dai and Ethereum in your Coinbase Wallet app the last and final step is to actually join the pool! Let's do that now! :) 

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